I just discovered I had a rather boring 404 page in my blog’s theme and changed it. Now at least it’s slightly amusing – but it still needs work.

I’ll do that when I have some free time…

Here’s a roundup of fun or otherwise interesting 404 error pages – much better than the defaults.

I have a large Joomla site rapidly approaching launch-readiness, and I have a lot to do on it this weekend – finalizing the CSS styles, checking through about 70 pages of content to make sure nothing stands out as being wonky, and creating a few forms.

Then I’ll need to do some styling of the SOBI2 component, which I’ve done before, and is thankfully quite easy.

And then, some final testing and tweaking of SOBI2 and making a list for my subs of little things I see along the way. We’re getting close.

Why is this so difficult? I just want to add one single image into a post that already has a media gallery on it. When I try to upload a new file into the media library from my post, my image shows up both in my post and in the gallery – but I don’t want it in the gallery!

Just found this at Not the Official WordPress.com Gallery FAQ:

Any image you upload in the same Post or Page where your Gallery appears will automatically be included in that Gallery. Inserting an image which was uploaded via “Media>Add New” in the Dashboard is not attached to a specific Post or Page and will become attached to the Post or Page where your Gallery appears. This causes the image to be displayed twice, once in the Gallery and again indivdually. The solution is to upload the image to your Media Library from a different, existing Post or Page. Once your images have finished uploading, save your changes and then close the Image Uploader, then go back to the Post or Page where you want to insert the separate image. Click on the “Add Image” button and in the Image Uploader, click on “Insert in Post” button to insert the individual image in your Post or Page. In order to avoid navigation problems, you should link the image to either “None” or “Image URL.”

Does that not seem, well, ridiculous?

It seems like whenever I have a not-so-great experience with a project, it leads to an improvement in my overall business.

Last night I sat down with three books that I bought around the time I started my web design studio in 2005. To one degree or another, all three of these books were useful as I was learning how to get my new business in motion and how to set up the basics like contracts, accounting and services I would offer: The Graphic Design Business Book, How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business, and NOLO‘s How to Run a Thriving Business: Strategies for Success and Satisfaction.

I wrote down an outline of how things work at Red Kite now, from dealing with prospects, to kicking off new projects, to post-launch activities. And then I hit the books to see if there were any insights into how I might approach any of those things differently and more effectively.

I haven’t looked at these books in probably a year or two and only made it through one last night, but I found a few things that I can improve about handling reseller hosting, for one. It was interesting to see how I answered the quiz about temperament and capabilities for a new business owner; a lot has changed since then.

This week I should make it through the other two books and get a list (like I need another list) of some changes I’ll implement in my business by the end of the year. I’ll let you know what I come up with in a few days…

On Saturday I sat down with WordPress and the NextGen image gallery plugin and added my web design portfolio to my site in about three hours total. Actually, it only took about one hour to get the gallery set up with all the images; the rest of the time was spent adding descriptions, links and tags.

I’m using the default Thickbox effect, but had to go into the Thickbox .css file to make my two-line captions fit properly. And NextGen is still giving me a scripting error that I can’t resolve.

But all in all I’m happy with the appearance. Let me know what you think.