Vino 125 in the middle of nowhereTook my scooter on its longest trip yet, about 50 miles roundtrip east of Fort Collins on Hwy. 14. My husband was riding a century today to practice for, well, another century. I met him at about mile 69 and brought replacement water bottles and a snack.

Driving out here in the car usually freaks me out (being from the East Coast where trees grow on everything but pavement) but it didn’t bother me on the scoot. I guess the wind, the cars that occasionally got too close when passing, the smell from the sheep farms, and seeing the occasional pronghorn kept me too busy to think about it. Oh, and the evening primrose are in flower; a few spots looked like they were covered in snow, there were so many white flowers.

I got the bike up to 55 mph but that was it – I’ve read that the top speed is supposed to be about 62, but it was having none of that. At 55, it was still a steady, comfortable ride, except my right wrist is sore from cranking the throttle all the way.

This is a great post by Aaron Irizarry on keeping up as a professional designer.

You have to stay ahead of the curve just to stay relevant. I find that the necessity of learning new things is one of the best parts of my job – I rarely get bored. There’s always something new to try; reading blogs, using Twitter and interacting with designer friends and colleagues are all good ways to learn about what’s new in the web design/development world and what I should spend my time learning.

The frustrating thing, sometimes, is that there’s so much to learn… But I’d rather be frustrated by having to pick and choose than be bored out of my mind like I was in my last job!

Today marks the fourth anniversary for my web design/development company Red Kite Creative. How’s it going? It’s busy. Really busy.

I tried advertising for a part-time person, but didn’t get a well-qualified respondent so I decided instead to start firming up my connections with some quality local colleagues for mutual subcontracting work. So far I have local pros in Javascript frameworks, Drupal, Joomla, WP and general PHP and I’m looking for more.

I do know how to do all those things – but I’d like to be better at Drupal, PHP and frameworks and when I don’t have the time to learn something, I like to have people I trust that can do that work for me. Everything I deliver to a client has to be top quality, so it’s important that my colleagues are as picky as I am.