Yes, it’s starting off wonderfully. A support request to activeCollab resulted in a request to me to provide an admin-level account on my activeCollab install – but I can’t do that without an email address. Impediment to Being Productive #1.

My client who’s vacationing in Germany got his site in Minnesota back up this morning. I tried installing the CMS software, but because his host has some strange FTP setup going on, was unable to use the autoinstaller. I now have to wait for permission from the client (who’s still in Germany) to take extra time with a manual installation (the same thing happened with another client yesterday). Impediment to Being Productive #2.

I have to get out of the house for a few hours for some maintenance work, so I’m out of their way, but that’s Impediment to Being Productive #3 and it’s only 9:15 here. This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

Oh, lest I forget – the new TweetDeck update causes TD to always open off the bottom of the screen on my second monitor. That’s a real annoyance that’s got a lot of TD users irritated, but nothing’s been done about it yet. I suppose that could be Minor Impediment to Being Productive #1.

You never know when a competitor might become an ally or even a partner – so it’s a good idea not to alienate the like-minded professionals in your own community.

I just read a post in a local web design company’s blog in which they described themselves as ‘the leading web design company in Fort Collins and the Front Range’ and referred to the rest of us as the ‘nearly 100 companies in Northern Colorado claiming to do web development.’

That’s pretty arrogant. Certainly not claims that my own studio would ever feel comfortable making.

There are plenty of professional web designers and developers in our region who do not fall into the ‘kid just out of school’ camp. Many of them do excellent work, and some even go to great lengths to educate their clients on how to make good decisions about their websites.

For the most part, I’ve found my competitors to be excellent colleagues when I’ve had the opportunity to work with them. As design pros in a smaller market, I think banding together can be more important for us – and more beneficial for clients – than standing apart and making claims that are actually pretty hard to substantiate.

I bought a Hanns-G HW191D flat-panel monitor in January so I could finally have a dual-monitor setup. It’s got a beautiful display and works great with my Samsung SyncMaster 941BW.

But there’s one glitch – the Hanns-G has a setting called X-Contrast that greatly increases the quality of the images displayed. Every morning when I boot up the computer I have to turn X-Contrast on. And every time the monitor sleeps, I have to turn it on again.

Hanns-G says I’ll have to send it in for service and it may take ‘weeks.’ I don’ t want to be without my dual monitors for ‘weeks’ and I’d really rather them send me a replacement. I need to test it on another computer to see if the settings are changing there, too…