How a bad website affects your company’s business


I’m sending out Christmas cards to clients and others. I had to go check for a mailing address for someone, and their website is truly atrocious.

If I were a potential customer, I would think: wow. They sure don’t spend any time/money/effort on their site – it says 2004 at the bottom! I wonder if that carries through to other aspects of their business?

I know that not everyone thinks like that, but if it were me, I would look for someone else. Especially if it’s the kind of business service that requires significant trust on my part towards them. Even if I’ve had someone recommend them to me, I’m still extremely likely to judge a business on the quality/care that they’ve put into their website.

I don’t need to be amazed by the latest web flash – I just need to feel that they are a solid business entity. Maybe having a very old, very bad website indicates that they can’t afford to keep it up? Not very likely. It’s just not that expensive to do – it’s more likely that it speaks to a lack of care, or a lack of understanding as to how business is really being done today. Not Yellow Pages but web pages.

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