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This morning I took a client to breakfast, went to the gym, ran some errands and read the latest issue of ‘Step Inside Design’ over lunch (when do I work, you might ask?). I read a great article about PR and am going to put some of that into practice and start using this blog as an extension of my design sketchbook.

One of my current projects is a site redesign for a prominent interior designer in my region. I was very happy to get this one, because I knew I’d get to create a very rich website in terms of color and texture. That’s exactly what’s happened, and I’ve just gotten approval to code the rest of the site and the home page is done.

The site’s color palette is a chocolate brown, olive and golden scheme; lots of subtle shading and patterning in the background. Right now I’m working on a slideshow for the very large image on the home page, and will be inserting the bit of PHP script I use for creating rotating testimonials (or images or whatever) also on that page.

I’ve just recently discovered Slideshow2 and will be using that for the main image show. It’s a very powerful little Javascript/Mootools program.

There will be an image gallery of project shots organized by room in the house; for this I was going to use Plogger but the client has no wish to do any updating on their own, so I’ll be looking for a Flash-driven gallery (maybe). I don’t have a lot of experience with Flash galleries so it should be fun doing the research. This project will probably finish up around the first week in December if all goes well.

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