What a week.

I think this has actually been three weeks squeezed into one.

Yesterday was the worst – I planned to go to the gym for the first time in three weeks (three real weeks), but wound up at 10:42 still here and having to be downtown for a lunch meeting with my SEO partner and our photographer client at 11:30. The client bought lunch, so that was okay…

Dentist at 1:30. The hour-long scrape was actually quite relaxing.

Then, a conference call at 3:00 with a team from a Minnesota non-profit membership group about a redesign. It seems there are three studios on the shortlist, and I think my interview went very well. Now I need to get them a final estimate in the next day or two.

And then – one of my clients (who’s also one of my most vocal advocates in the local area) had an urgent set of site updates to advertise/support a new ebook. I started on those around 4:00. ‘

5:45 rolled around and I discovered I wasn’t going to make it to our Fort Collins Internet Pros meeting last night – what a pain; we only meet once per month and the discussion was on Drupal.

But one of the other organizers sent me a tweet and I got to listen/watch a broadcast of the meeting live while I worked on this emergency – and simultaneously worked on finishing up some final IE issues in a site that was scheduled to launch this morning.

I wound up not finishing those two things until 10:00 last night.

This morning I had a 7:00 networking group breakfast. Then I came home, got the production CD together for my launchee, and went to a meeting with her at 10:30. (That was actually the first time I’ve met the client; we’d been working through her marketing person. The client was extremely happy). There until 11:15, then off to the gym finally.

Nice 45-minute-cardio session, but while I was stretching something must have come through the A/C because I suddenly had a massive allergy problem. It still hasn’t gone away even with Benadryl – I’ll bet I’ve sneezed 100 times today.

Conference call with two web colleagues about a project we’re teaming on at 3:00 (me laying on the floor so my nose would stop running) and then I started on the last IE fixes for the client I met this morning. Another guy from FCIP helped me out a lot.

So… I just launched that site and it’s time for dinner. I’m very glad tomorrow’s Saturday and most clients are now heading out of town.

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