Vonage’s failing power cables

So today our phones have been slowing fading away, the call quality and ability to send and receive calls going steadily downhill.

I went down to reboot the Vonage phone adapter and discovered that, for the second time in about 4 months, the adapter cord has failed. I called them up (on my cell, of course) and after sitting on hold for 15 minutes got a relatively well-spoken tech.

I asked him about this cord – I’m a bit concerned that I’ve had this problem twice in a few months. He tells me that overall, this device tends to fail every 8 months.

Does that not seem a bit extreme? Why would you sell and support a product that fails every 8 months, on average? Granted it’s just a power cable, but still…

I asked about alternatives and he tried to sell me a $79.00 box. I don’t need that. But the next time this cable fails, I might reconsider my choice of phone service for a few minutes. The last time it happened someone sent me a travel charger which looks nothing like an adaptor cable, and it took me 10 days to get my service back on.

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