Becoming a better digital photographer

I took a class today, an all-day workshop on beginning digital photography.

I wouldn’t call myself an absolute beginner. I had a nice 35mm SLR and used it a lot at one point, but it’s been languishing in its case in the closet for several years after I got my first digital camera.

I’m on my third one now (and it’s 2 years old). It’s a 3.2 megapixel Canon A510, and apparently still holds its own very nicely despite the fact that it’s a bit dated. Since it has manual operation of shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance it’s considered an ASAP (advanced point-and-shoot) rather than a fully automatic camera; a few people in the class had those, while a few others had digital SLR’s.

But I learned a lot today; I learned that my camera is actually quite good within a limited range and I can do a lot more with it than I have before. I got a free trial of Adobe Lightroom and was pretty impressed with what I did with it in the workshop today; someone in the class mentioned Google’s Picasa and I downloaded a copy of that too.

I can see maybe purchasing Lightroom at some point, because I think it would be fun to get back into photography now, but Picasa has a feature I like in that it pulls up all the photos from your entire website no matter where they’re located.

I have hundreds of photos and drawings for clients and this will be pretty useful. Picasa has limited tools for image editing, but if I need that I can always go to Photoshop…

So the class was taught by Steve Glass of Glass Photography here in Fort Collins, and well worth the registration fee. Steve had a guest speaker too – Tom Bol of Tom Bol Photography.

I know a lot more than I did this morning and that’s always the mark of a day well spent.

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