So a few weeks ago my husband and I went to check out the last scooter in Northern Colorado, apparently. I’d been thinking about getting one since I started Red Kite about three years ago.

This year, because of the gas issue, there are so many scooters in town that I see 4-5 every time I go out now. A huge amount of scooters everywhere…

I looked around and did some research and found one 2007 Yamaha Vino 125 still in the box near Fort Collins. We went to see it (my husband’s a long-time motorcyclist, so he actually did the test drive). And he said it was a kick in the pants. So we got it, and are lucky to have it since everyone in the region is sold out until the 2009’s come in in October.

I signed up for the motorcycle safety class here in town – and they were booked solid unYamaha Vino 125til the end of July. But I lucked out and got in last week on a cancellation, passed the class and got my license on Monday.

So here it is.  It’s really cute. And it out-accelerates most cars, which I like a lot. I’ve been riding all over town since Tuesday and it truly is a kick in the pants, more fun than I thought it would be.

And the perfect thing for the 4-5 meetings I wind up going to every week.

It’s a business vehicle. Yeah – that’s it. Exactly. Strictly business <—-smirking.

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