Wildlife seen while running

On Sunday I went on a run down to the big city park near our house. On the way back I was coming up to a tall berm and bridge over a canal, and approaching it I saw a kid with a dog stopped on the other trail on the other side, looking at the spot where I was going. I heard something loud – like a bark/howl but definitely not a dog.

There’s a stand of cottonwoods (generating all manner of fluff this time of year) above the intersection of the three trails that come together just west of the bridge.  Sitting under the tree was a big red fox, one of the largest I’ve seen in Fort Collins (and I’ve seen quite a few). He/she was looking at the kid with the dog, letting out the occasional yowl. The fox turned when I was approaching and walked casually to the bridge, then sat down in front of it and yowled at me, watching me as I walked up slowly.

I’d never been that close to a fox, maybe 30 feet away. I wish I’d had my digital SLR! He/she was gorgeous and irritated. But I needed to get across the bridge so I kept going up the hill pretty slowly. Eventually the fox got the idea and headed off at a casual trot along the canal trail, never running.

I crossed the bridge and headed east up toward the street and saw the fox eventually disappear into the tall grass. He/she didn’t seem too upset at being scooted off the trail.

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