Safety gear for scooter riders

In the past few weeks I’ve found some good resources for scooterists: sells a kit to attach a bank of LED lights to your license plate frame. There’s a mercury switch inside that can be adjusted for various degrees of deceleration, and it’s run by batteries, no wires needed – just stop quickly and it flashes. This is very bright and works well for my scooter.

Team Estrogen sells a lot of fun Scotchlite reflective stickers for bikes that work just as well for scooters, not the usual fare you find at all the decal shops. I’ve got these on my helmet and they are extremely visible.

The HJC Windlight is a no-batteries, wind-driven red LED light that attaches to the top of a helmet. It comes in black and silver and has a fairly low profile so it doesn’t stick way out. Very bright after you hit around 20-25 mph.

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