WebVisions this week!

WebVisions is coming up this week in Portland, Oregon. This will be my first time in Portland (or Oregon, for that matter) and the first web conference I’ve attended since starting my own business in 2005.

I’m looking through the session schedule, trying to determine which ones I’ll go to. I think I need a clone – it would certainly help. But for now I’ve narrowed it down to:

Day 1

  • The Importance of Emotional Connections in Web Design
  • Green Tech panel or Design for Video Game Marketing (!)
  • Social Media Strategies for Creatives or Responsible Web Design or Bleeding Edge RSS or Design is in the Details (here’s where I need three clones)
  • Drupal or User Experience Best Practices or Complementing IA with Instructional Design for Memorable Web Experiences

Day 2

  • Going Fast on the Slow Mobile Web or Visual & Creative Thinking
  • Open Source panel or CSS Transformation
  • Getting Started with Rails
  • What You Need to Know about IE8 and Standards

I guess I should check out the speakers for each of the ones I’m not sure about and make a decision based on who they are and what they do. But that’s not to say my schedule won’t change at the last minute if I hear something interesting…

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