Scooter as client magnet

I wrote about my new scooter a few days ago, but this morning I discovered that it has other uses besides being fun and transporting me around town.

First thing this morning was a breakfast meeting with one of my business networking groups. One of my friends from the group saw me getting my gear on afterwards and we had a long chat about the whole scooter phenomenon here in town (hundreds of them – I saw about 6 just this morning).

And then I rode over to visit a potential new client on the north side of the city. It took me longer than I though because one of the stop signal sensors never picked me up and I wound up riding around more than I’d planned. I got there five minutes late and apologized and when I told the guys my reason, they were understanding.

After our very productive meeting, they both came out and we had a chat about it too (one of them is a BMW rider). So the scooter serves as a topic of conversation and a good way to potentially connect with clients. This is the first meeting I’ve been to, but I do plan to ride as much as I can so this is a good thing to know.

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