Offering website checkups to clients?

I’m thinking about adding website checkups as a freebie for existing clients, either on an annual or biannual basis. They would include a speed test, valid code/CSS check, accessibility check and general observations about the site.

I think it might be good because it would put my business name in front of them again, but the problem I foresee is if I check a site I did two years ago and find that it’s not valid or lacks some accessibility features or has some element that now looks dated, will the client think I should fix those things for free since I’m responsible for them?

I definitely don’t want to do that; my primary goal with this would be getting back on their radar (and possibly getting more business from them as a result, but that’s secondary).

I’ll have to give this one more thought. Is anyone else offering this type of thing for existing clients (not prospective ones)?

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