Quality vs. speed vs. price

Ran across a nice post on Freelance Folder today that’s so true. Their pricing methodology is basically my own – clients can choose any two of the following:

  • Fast service
  • Cheap cost
  • High quality

But you don’t get all three. Let’s look at some simple formulas.

  • Fast + high quality = expen$ive
  • Fast + cheap = shoddy
  • Cheap + high quality (is that even possible?) = a verrrrry long time

When a potential client says ‘I need this to be perfect, I need the site up in three weeks and I only have $____ to spend,’ I cringe. And then I say ‘no.’

It’s an effective, straightforward pricing scheme. I’ve actually had a little triangle posted above my desk for four years, with the points labeled “Quality,” “Speed”, “Price.” Choose any two.

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