Before you redesign your website…

I had the privilege of being interviewed for a large article published over the summer on the IT Business Net site. The article is by Edith Schindler and is entitled “Becoming Clueful: What You Should Know Before You Redo Your Web Site.”

This is a big one, but it’s something I recommend that all my clients read if we’re doing a web design makeover. It’s a discussion among designers and developers about what to ask, what to expect (and what not to expect), and what they wished clients understood about our business.

It’s about educating the client just a bit regarding quality versus speed, staying on target, what should and should not be included in a business website, and how critical it is that a new site gets the attention it needs to stay fresh.

Sites fail in part because they are ignored – this is so important, but I know from experience that most clients tend to slide that way over time unless reminded often. Take a look at this article and share it with your clients too.

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