My Yahoo customer service experience

This morning I tried to cancel my Yahoo Search Marketing account, but I couldn’t figure out how. Nothing in the help section about it… I had to leave for a meeting so I sent them an email and just sat back down here.

No answer from email yet, so I Googled ‘close my yahoo search marketing account’ and the first page I came to was on the YSM site and it actually did lead me to a page with information on how to close the account.

I made the call. I went through three levels of menus and then was routed to my ‘customer solutions advocate’ (I like that). He had my account closed in about two minutes and it was very pleasant. He didn’t try to convince me to stay (I was closing the account because we sold the business to which it was connected) and was polite and fast. I couldn’t ask for more.

If anyone’s interested, read more here about closing a YSM account (not that I’m advocating this!)…

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