Kudos to Best Buy

Typically when we shop at our local best buy, they either (1) don’t have what we want in stock or (2) we’re ignored by the salespeople or (3) we get a salesperson who can’t help us.

Today, however, was very different.

I went in to get a new soundcard because the integrated sound in my Dell 2400 is getting choppier by the day. I’d been standing there looking at my choices for about 30 seconds when a salesperson walks up, introduces himself as the manager and shakes my hand. He asked what I needed and I told him, and he apologized and said he’d get someone to help me. He asked my name (!) and wandered off.

A minute later he’s back with a salesperson. He introduced us to each other and left.

This salesperson was outstanding. I told him my problem – he immediately pulled not the more expensive, but the least expensive Soundblaster card off the shelf.

“This’ll do the trick,” he said, and went on to explain exactly why my integrated sound was failing. I was happy. I took it.

Right next to the soundcards were the video cards. I have a GeForce 5200 in my Dell, not a bad card, but he showed me two others that he said would “blow my head off.” That’s great – I love having my head blown off by great video. He even discussed the computing requirements of Warcraft and my Dell with me, assuring me that it was fine and would be for some time to come.

I was so pleased. I didn’t get the video card, but I’m eyeing it for my birthday.

I thanked him and we parted company. I headed to the cashier. Once again to my surprise I got a gracious friendly employee who told me about their new small business rewards points program. It was free – would I like to join? Of course – I’m a small business and I do spend money at Best Buy from time to time. I filled out the form, paid for my soundcard and walked out.

I had to turn around and look at the sign to make sure it was really Best Buy I’d just exited – it was night and day compared to every other time I’d been there. They did great, everyone I talked to was helpful and knew what they were talking about for a change. So kudos to our local Best Buy.

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