Site redesign problems

I haven’t posted in several days – my spare time has been thoroughly occupied with building a new web site for my web design business. I’m changing my look completely and have a new logo that fits my business much better…

I’m having a few issues with the CSS on my prototype site, though, frustrating… The first is that my Faux Columns (which I use all the time) aren’t working. I think I have an error but can’t locate it, so I’m probably going to wind up tearing it down to nothing and working back up to include all the elements. I don’t mind this, but I wish I didn’t have to do it.

Also, I got the footer to stick to the bottom of the screen, but because the Faux Columns aren’t working the main content area appears to end before it reaches the footer. I’m hoping that fixing the first issue will help get the second one under control.

Other than these problems, the site looks great, IMO. I’m very excited to get it up and running – my target launch date is August 1.

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