Poor customer service from Mozy

I’ve been using Mozy’s online backup service for over a year now, I believe, and it’s been a nice service – the initial backup took days, but the subsequent ones all run in the background and never interfere with my work.

Thankfully have seldom had the need to retrieve anything from them; when I did this about six months ago, it went super-smoothly. But last week was an entirely different story.

My old Dell 2400 finally died last Monday. While I was scrambling to put together what I needed to rebuild it (which I was planning on doing anyway, just the timing was not that great) I logged into Mozy with my laptop to get the files I needed immediately.

No dice. I kept getting kicked out of the service, and when I could get in and stay in the screen that shows my files just churned. I let it go for most of the workday (I know it takes hours sometimes for all the files to appear) but no luck.

So I wrote customer support. I got the usual 24 hours response notice, and that was okay, I was busy anyway… but 26 hours later I had no response and still could not get to my files.

So… I have never heard back from Mozy. Not a word. Not in just under a week. Needless to say, I’m pretty unhappy with them. And I’ve asked for my money back and my account to be closed (no response to that either).

I suppose I’ll contact my bank later today and issue a chargeback for the annual fee they took out of my account a few weeks ago. I’m really surprised at this big change in the quality of their customer support – I’ve never had any problem hearing back from them before on the few occasions that I submitted a question. But when you devalue the customer relationship, customers leave. And I’m leaving.


  1. I am having the same issue. Several emails and no reply from Mozy. I finally got a hold of “Brian” on the phone and he indicated serious issues at Mozy. I still do not have my back-up and I’m getting the feeling they have erassed it. They said they would refund me charges but they havent. Everything they say they will do – they dont. I’m getting ready to call a laywer. Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order?

  2. Dane – I got in touch with them through chat the same morning I posted this message. They refunded my money while we were chatting and sent me an email link so I could retrieve my data without going through the normal download. This was just before I heard from the VP of Support… maybe try live chat?

  3. I have a problem with them too.
    I cant backup my stuff – and I have a lot to backup but over a week now my client cant connect to hem – I sent them letter but got a short replay, they are working on this and it will be OK soon….

    Its taking too long and as a paying customer I want a much better service.

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