Online banking (in)convenience

I have three business accounts at Wells Fargo. A few weeks ago I was reviewing one of them online and saw that I could get a savings account connected with said account right there, with a simple form.

That was a good idea and so I filled out their form, which was in truth not that long. I submitted it.

Then I had to download and print a few other forms. I had to make copies of my identification. I had to fax all of this to not one, but several different fax numbers. I don’t have a fax line in my office, so this necessitated a trip to the nearest Kinko’s.

I sent in my faxes (paid a few dollars) and waited.

I got three emails from Wells Fargo reminding me to send my faxes.

A few days after I sent them I got a message from a Wells Fargo rep telling me that I needed to correct a few things in one of the forms I filled out.

Fine. I did so, then made another trip to Kinko’s to fax it again.

Tonight when I got home there was another message from the same rep – telling me he’d missed something on the first form and would I mind correcting that and faxing it in too?

I minded. I deleted the message.

Why claim that you offer ‘a convenient, secure way to apply online for Wells Fargo accounts and services’ when you really don’t? There was nothing convenient about this process, and the security of a fax line is notably less than an SSL-using website.

And why is it that they need all of my identification and information when they have it for my other three accounts, right on file, that I’ve had for years?

I’m considering whether to go in to my local branch and getting this account. I know it should take about 10 minutes – strangely enough, this is exactly how long the website claims it will take to do it online…

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