Is my Dell 2400 in its death throes?

I’m using an old (2002-2003?) Dell Dimension 2400 as my main work machine in lieu of my laptop. About a month ago, something started making a lot of noise, and through some investigation it seemed to be the PSU.

I bought a new one, a Thermaltake that was highly recommended on Newegg. I installed it and all was blissful silence – everything was nice and quiet.

The old PSU was the stock Dell, I think 250w, while the new one was 430w. Now I’m wondering if the new generated more heat than the old one? The 2400 case is very tight with little room for anything, and I have all the PCI slots (all three of them) filled with a wireless network card, NVidia GeForce 5200 graphics card, and Soundblaster Audigy card that I added about two months ago.

I also have two hard drives running in this case. It has 1g of RAM (also maxed out).

Monday the PSU (the new one) started making noise. All of my apps started really slowing down. Yesterday my computer shut down and checking the error log, I had a ‘thermal event’ associated with the CPU fan.

So… I have to get a new fan from Dell (which takes a week to ship). I put the old PSU back in this machine, it’s at least quieter than the new one, which I suspect is fried.

But I don’t know what’s going on. The CPU fan I’m replacing sounds fine, no bearing issues. A local computer guy checked it and said so too, but the only alternatives are (1) fried leads, requiring a new motherboard or (2) a fried processor.

Is the case overheating from the components I’ve installed? Could the extra heat from the bigger PSU caused the CPU fan to die? I just don’t know… I’m so tempted to just cancel the fan order, purchase a case and new motherboard with processors and have done with this machine. But I don’t know… I hate having to wait a week.

I’m now sitting here with the case open and a floor fan blowing air through it. It sounds like a wind tunnel in here; I’m just backing off the work I’ve done this week so I can restore it on my laptop while I wait for the fan that I don’t think is going to solve the problem.

I just wish I knew whether it’s the motherboard or not – that would save me at least the wondering about it until next week.


  1. I am a customer advocate here at Dell headquarters in Texas. I just found your blog and wanted to check with you to see if the problems with your Dimension 2400 have been resolved. While I can’t provide support for the Thermaltake PSU (for obvious reasons) I definitely want to make sure the rest of the system is working properly.

    If you still needed help, or if you just had questions, feel free to email me ( with ‘ATTN: Larry’ in the subject to ensure it gets to me).

    Dell Customer Advocate

  2. Thank you for checking on me!

    Actually, I got the new fan from Dell within three days (not the 8 they promised me) and installed it. I haven’t had any more thermal events or system shutdowns, but I did go ahead and buy an extra expansion slot fan to supplement the new one, because I’m just concerned that this case is so small, it’s getting too hot now that all the slots are full. I’m hoping that with the extra cooling, I won’t have any more problems.

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