How to lose fans: The Rockies’ website’s role in today’s ticketing debacle

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Rockies organization mentioned nothing on their website about any of the problems going on this morning during the ticket fiasco. It took them until 4:36 pm, over four hours after the press conference (which was on TV at 12:20ish), to finally post a short statement on their site.

In my opinion as a web developer and marketing person, this is ridiculous. This is what a website is for – communicating with your audience.

A five-minute effort on someone’s part this morning could have spared a lot of frustration for the hundreds of thousands of people (literally) that were sitting in front of their machines this morning wondering why they couldn’t get in and if the tickets were already sold out.

Why have a website if you don’t use it? This is a fantastic example I’ll be able to point out to my small business clients in the future of how to disrespect your audience and customers.


  1. Come on dude, we really don’t know what happened or if they even knew. That’s what’s wrong with us, we have such a sense on entitlement.

  2. Well, I think they knew whether or not the tickets had sold out by noon. When I was hunting around for info this morning, I saw so many people worried that the tickets were already gone, and they weren’t. That kind of information would have been helpful – as a web designer who’s always gently pushing my clients to communicate with their customers/visitors/readers it’s a valid point, IMO.

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