GoogleTalk – free, decent PC to PC VOIP client

On Saturday night my husband and I were talking on Skype, and the call quality was pretty much what it has been for the last few months – poor. Only on Saturday we got dropped four times in about a half hour.

This has been happening – though not as frequently – for the past few weeks; being dropped while talking so you don’t realize the other person can’t hear you.

Fed up, I went searching for ‘Skype alternatives’ and came across GoogleTalk. Hadn’t heard of this one, but it offered free voicemail (the main thing I use Skype for at this time) so I downloaded it and told my husband to do the same.

Five minutes later, we were on GoogleTalk resuming our conversation. The call quality was not crystal-clear (it sounded somewhat like we were in mutual tunnels) but it was soooo much better than how Skype has been for months. And how many times did we get dropped? None. Zero.

GoogleTalk is not as feature-rich as Skype for sure, and it’s mainly aimed at Gmail users (which I’m not) but its voice calling feature works very nicely.

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