Business website downtime – how damaging?

Yesterday I confirmed with my host (twice) that changing the master account domain name would have no effect whatsoever on my business website,, and I needed a different domain to oversee my hosting accounts. So I told them go ahead and do it.

Instead of moving to its own account and creating an empty master account with the new domain name, they instead just changed my master name to the new domain name and left all of my content there – which was not at all what they said they’d do.

Now it’s going on 14 hours that my site has been nonexistent. I finally got them to just change the name back – that happened this morning while I was at a meeting with a client who found it odd that my own website couldn’t be found. I was not happy.

I just got home from being in Denver all day and lo and behold – my site is STILL not up. I am really getting angry, there’s no reason it should be taking this long. I’ve been so happy with this host, and this is the first thing that’s gone wrong with them but it makes me look stupid and careless when my website is down.

One more hour and I’m going to consider setting up a temporary account on another host. My business site has to be up. And I need my email. Now.

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