Adobe’s abandonment of Homesite users and the worst customer support I’ve experienced in a very long time

I built a new computer last month, and downloaded a trial copy of Homesite (which I’ve been using for many years) thinking that it would have a link where I could register it using my serial number.


The trial expired this morning, and gave me no options except buying the product (which I’ve already done) or contacting tech support.

I called tech support – this was a mistake. I went through three people – the first kept telling me I was trying to reinstall CS2, which I wasn’t. He asked me what Homesite was. I explained that it was web editing software, like Dreamweaver only text-based. He promptly transferred me to a Dreamweaver tech who had never heard of Homesite.

This tech transferred me to another person who, again, had never heard of Homesite and didn’t know that Adobe owns it now. He put me on hold and when he came back, got my number and told me to expect a call back within the hour.

They called back in about 50 minutes, and informed me that I needed to talk to customer service. They transferred me.

I have now just gotten off the phone with customer service. Here’s what I found out:

  • Adobe has the record of my purchase in their files
  • I have a credit card receipt to verify the purchase
  • I have a live serial number for the copy from my old computer.

I was on the phone with the last guy for 50 minutes (including a lot of hold time), and he will not give me a link to an install file because he says I was shipped a CD and didn’t receive the software in a download – which I did. I’ve never gotten any CD’s from Adobe for anything except CS2.

So he’s ‘escalated it to his senior support team and they will try to get back to me in 1-2 weeks.’

I explained (pretty calmly I think) that I am a web developer and this is my livelihood. He put me on hold again, came back and said they agreed to rush the project and I should hear something in 4-5 days. He told me that since this product is so old (2005) they have to put together some kind of custom link just for me.

Why is that, when you can purchase it right from their site?

Plus they won’t provide a download link if they can’t confirm that I didn’t receive a CD in 2005 when I purchased it (no CD. Ever).

Not very happy at all right now. Extremely disappointed.

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  1. Hee hee – I had the same nightmare/unbelievable experience with their tech support when I upgraded a clients old Adobe Publisher-type-thing from Mac OS 8 (I SAID it was old) to Adobe Illustrator on a PC. (Or some similar products, it was a while ago).

    In theory it could be done, but eventually the only path to success turned out to be : obtain the new CD’s for the Mac, DISCARD them – yup, throw away a completely unopened box of installation software – and then call Adobe again to say we were now ready to convert to PC, upon which we got a complete 2nd installation kit for the PC. It only took 2 weeks.


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