Mouse ergonomics

Monday (after a very long day at the machine) my right hand and wrist were tingly. That’s the first time that’s happened so naturally I go looking for information on carpal tunnel symptoms. I found many, many sites and a few solutions that I’m going to try – the first one I’m trying today.

I have a really great, very adjustable keyboard tray that will fit my mouse, but my keyboard is wide, with a number pad on the right that I don’t use that often. Subsequently my mouse is way off to the right and that’s not good for wrists.

The idea I’m trying today is – mousing with the left hand. I plan to become an ambidextrous mouser. According to one site, it takes 2 days to 2 weeks to become proficient with a mouse in the off-hand. I switched the buttons so I can click with the inside finger, and yes, it’s going s-l-o-w-l-y today but I’m beginning not to think about the mouse so much after the first few hours. And it’s much more comfortable because the left side of the keyboard has no number pad (less reach to the mouse).

I plan to keep this up for two days at least, and if I have to any precision work may switch to my pen tablet for awhile.

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