I love the commercials for Vytorin – you know, the ones that put people that look like food (or is it food that looks like people?) side by side to illustrate the genetic and food components of cholesterol?

I think that’s clever – at least on the surface. I have no idea whether this is a good drug or not or whether the message is effective, I just like the the clever juxtapositions. Some of them are beyond lame, but we just saw a new commercial last night that was great – the woman in the straw hat that resembled a hard shell taco was very nicely done.

At least they’re having fun with it. How many boring drug commercials have you seen?

Dumb me. I spent 15 minutes looking around online today for a way to do this and didn’t find much – a few macros that scared me and not much else.

In Excel (2003) there are three formulas that let you change the case of a piece of text – PROPER that capitalizes the first letter of every word; UPPER that capitalizes every letter; and LOWER that (surprise!) makes every letter lowercase.

Note that Microsoft helpfully did not include an option for sentence case in Excel 2003.

But they did include it in Word… hmmm. SENTENCE capitalizes only the first letter of every string. I had a whole column I needed to change, so I copied it to Word, applied sentence case text formatting to it, and copied it back to Excel.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of that first. Hopefully this will save someone else some time surfing for an answer.

Want to be able to drop images into your HTML with a minimum of effort? Set up two little classes in your CSS file to do just that.

1. Open your CSS file.

2. Add in a new class like so: img-left {float: left; padding: 8px 8px 8px 0;}

3. Add in another new class: img-right {float: right; padding: 8px 0 8px 8px;}

(Note: Change the padding as you see fit, this is just a suggestion!)

4. Within your markup, add in your image just in front of the text and then put a div with a class of “img-left” or “img-right” around it depending on whether you want your image to the left or right of your flowed text.

mountains at sunset

Here’s an example of this in action using “img-left.”

This is always tough – the only things I really read religiously are the WebProWorld and WebProNews emails that I get several times per week and I know how fast things change in this field. Sad to say, I’d never thought of turning my Google homepage into a page full of RSS feeds – but I read about that today and that’s really a great idea.

Now my personalized homepage is full of SEO, web design and small business marketing news. I can see a few stories at a time and pursue them if I want, but in any event I get a nice daily overview of what’s going on in just a few minutes. This is much better than occasionally visiting some of the sites I’ve collected every couple of weeks, which is just about pointless.

Anyone else have other good ideas for staying on top of things?

I moved a piano downstairs this morning all by myself.

Well, not really a piano. It’s a Yamaha keyboard I received as a gift last Christmas.

My parents had a small piano, a real one, when I was a kid. I played around with it from time to time, and made a few concerted efforts to learn from the pile of old instruction books stored in the seat, but that eventually faded in lieu of the guitar. I took a few years of guitar lessons but never got better than adequate – although I still have two guitars…Continue reading