No joy for Rockies fans

So this morning I got ready to try my luck at getting tickets for the World Series. The Rockies have finally made it, and they’re playing in Denver on Saturday, Sunday and maybe Monday. The Rockies decided a few days ago to ditch box office sales and go entirely to online ticketing, which has turned out to be a minor disaster.

I and my husband and a few friends tried for more than two hours to get anything for any day, and never once got into the ticket sales site. While sitting here waiting around, I found the posts of many, many angry and disappointed fans in the same boat – plenty of tickets out there, if you’re willing to pay $650 and up. But not if you’re a person who doesn’t have a spare $1300 to burn.

There were literally 25 or so posts going up on Craig’s List every few minutes from people wanting to buy tickets at something approaching a reasonable price.

One of the local news stations reported at around 11:40 that no one had reported actually being able to buy a ticket online yet and another said that of 300 or so emails it had received, only three people had gotten through.

At around 12:20 a spokesman for the Rockies gave a short question-and-answer session outside Coors Field in Denver (with a backdrop of a hundred or so frustrated, booing fans). He reported that the server had been overwhelmed by over 8,000,000 hits in the first hour (and what did they think was going to happen?) and that it was now down. He asked fans to stop trying to get in, and said that the Rockies would ‘let people know’ when the site was back up again. How will they do that? Do we have to sit in front of the TV or computer all day and keep checking in?

He also said that virtually all of the 60,000 tickets were still available.

As of right now, 12:52 pm, the Rockies website ( STILL has no information about what’s happening with ticketing. According to their site, you can ‘buy tickets now!’

I’ll let you know if I happen to get a pair, but right now they can’t even guesstimate when the server will be back online. Today, tomorrow… all up in the air…

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