Here we go again

I’ve been sitting here since before 12:00 trying to get into the Rockies’ ticketing site on two machines (a few others are trying too at different locations). Here’s what we see:

rockies ticket site

The countdown lasts 120 seconds then starts over. I’ve actually gotten to 1 second a few times since noon (it’s now 12:51) but when that happens, it eventually just goes to a ‘server connection was reset’ screen.

So… I’ve found few reports of someone actually getting in to the ticket purchase area then being booted back to this countdown screen before he/she could pay. It’s hard to know what might be going on in real time, but it sounds like there’s not a lot of success so far.

And one of the Denver news stations has just started reporting that team spokesmen say that tickets are selling, just very very slowly, and they expect to have them all sold ‘by the end of the day.’

I think this is a process that would have taken a half hour or so, maybe, on Ticketmaster? I really don’t like Ticketmaster’s fees, but I would have been happy to pay a surcharge for a less frustrating experience. And I would have felt like I had a fighting chance at something with Ticketmaster, rather than having to wait in the dark not knowing if I’m really in a ‘queue’ of some sort or just being repeatedly delayed for one reason or another.

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