How much space does a small business website really need?

This is a question I’m confronting right now, as I’m setting up the new hosting section of my website.

To find out, I went through about a dozen of my clients’ sites to find out what they were using. Note that all of these sites are CSS, most validate fully for (X)HTML and are cleanly coded.

I have a few clients with pretty simple static sites of 8-20 pages, a few small (optimized) images but mostly text. Their sites were typically about 70-90 mb on the server.

I have one CMS (Joomla) site with a good number of photos and the equivalent of about 30 ‘pages’ of content; that one’s taking up about 130mb at the moment.

I have a photographer with an e-commerce solution, two databases and about 425 photos (all optimized .jpg’s); this site is around 250mb.

I have another photographer with no e-commerce but an open source image gallery. His image database contains around 900-1,000 images, some pretty good sized but all are (or should be) optimized. The site is around 10 pages plus the image gallery and is at about 750mb.

Finally I have my business website Parallax Web Design. I checked its size when it had 5-6 production sites running, and a total of maybe 8 MySQL databases. It was taking up around 1gb at that time.

So from my experience, I’m pretty confident that I can host a small static site with a 500mb disk allotment. My current host for all of these sites (except Parallax)  offers at a minimum a 100gb plan – this is totally unnecessary for any of my current clients.

Does this kind of measurement hold true for other web designers managing hosting their own clients out there? Do you have small business clients that really need 400gb of space, and if so, what kind of sites are they running?

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