IE6 transparent PNG problem

I’m working on a site for a client and was having trouble getting my PNG’s working right in IE6 – I tried several methods but for some reason wasn’t able to get any of them (including the MS alpha image filter) to work right. I’m sure I was doing something wrong in the way it was being implemented, but anyway I did finally find something that worked for me on Bob Osola’s site.

Here’s the reference. Actually I failed to get his primary Javascript-based solution to ever work and gave up on it. But on his ‘more info’ page, I did get one of the variant methods to work (‘JS Code on Individual PNG’s’). It works very nicely, in fact…. but the JS is sitting in my head section of the page; when I try externalizing it, it stops working completely.

If someone reads this and can tell me how to successfully take the script out of the page and get it working in a separate file, I would be very happy. Otherwise, this is a fast and simple method.

I also ran into another issue – I’ll talk about this in the next post…

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