Graphic design temping

I’ve written before that I work as a temp for The Creative Group, and that I was fortunate to be picked by an employer for the very first job that has kept me on since February on a part-time basis…

This week was a new record – I worked 20 hours doing banner ads, email ads, and specific content pages for online photo processing sites. I was on call with several managers toward the end of the week, and got a few good comments about the work I’m doing.

I like it – it’s mostly straight graphics with just a bit of HTML, kind of a nice change from what I usually do. And it’s nice to be involved with a company where the work is very fast-paced (things I do often go live the next day on 2000+ sites!) but people still manage to give kudos for hard work. That’s totally unlike my last full-time job prior to opening Parallax… Pretty refreshing.

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