Why I love web design

There was a nice article by Paul Chin in the latest issue of Dynamic Graphics magazine, urging graphic designers to expand their skill sets to include a basic knowledge of web technology.

He had some important things to say about web design that resonate very strongly with me. To quote: “Web design is a perfect marriage of form and function that originates from two distinct areas of expertise – the creativity of design, coming from the heart, and the science of technology, coming from the head. When the former is sparked within us, the latter allows us to realize it in material form. In web design you can’t separate one from the other.”

This is the definition of my calling as I have always seen it.

In junior high, our school was the first to get computers. I was in the first class, and all the other classes. I had never seen anything that fascinated me as much as those machines. I learned how to do graphics in BASIC – frightening but at the time I thought it was pretty cool.

Then I had a teacher in high school who was incredibly tough. This was 10th grade open world humanities GT, and in this class I failed my first test ever.

Every week we were required to create a project illustrating the balance of form and function in the context of making a presentation about something – it could be anything in the world, but the method of presenting had to be equally as compelling as the content.

This became an important weekly ritual that was at least as valuable to me, as a future designer, as the lessons I learned in my first two semesters of design studio in college.

‘Beautiful websites that work’ is one of my taglines. Achieving the sweet balance of form and function is one of my goals in everything I design. Thanks to Paul for his great article.

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