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I’ve been thinking about creating a social networking site for web pros in my region. Ning is the platform that I like the best so far because it seems to have the most put-together appearance and out-of-the-box functionality – I don’t have time to develop another site just for fun right now!

I did find a nice article comparing a few of these ‘white label’ networking platforms that may be valuable for readers.

In any event, if I decide to do this it will be my first real foray into the realm, aside from LinkedIn. And it will be wholly experimental – I don’t know if I can get any interest out of locals or not. But it might be interesting to see…

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  1. You might want to check out in2community – similar to Ning but you can put the social network right on your own site with a link from your nav. I like that concept better because you don’t have to abandon your own site that you spent time building.

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