So Saturday night we returned from our 8 days in the Riviera Maya development of Puerto Aventuras right in the middle of a Denver snowstorm.

Talk about a rude awakening. That morning, we’d had breakfast on the beach and did a final check of the gorgeous reef finish swimming around the tide pools in front of our hotel. It was 75 degrees and sunny, just like every other day.

We got to the airport and then sat in our plane at the gate for 2 hours and twenty minutes while they booted some people (and their luggage) off the plane so they could take on extra fuel in case they had to divert to Albuquerque because of the weather in Denver.

We started seeing heavy snow about half an hour before we were due to land. It was snowing so hard we couldn’t see any lights until we were almost on the runway. The jetway connector from the plane to the terminal was at a shocking 15 degrees (the people who’d opted to stay in shorts and sandals were reconsidering by then). Then after going through taxiing, customs, luggage, shuttle, digging out the car it took us well over two hours to drive home where it would normally take one.

It was nice to get home. It was nice to pick up our dogs and see them. But I think I was more affected by the trip than I suspected. More to come.

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