Magazines for web professionals, Part 2

We’ll start with Create Magazine since their web site just crashed my browser for the umpteenth time and made me lose this post that I’m now irritably rewriting.

  • Create Magazine. This regionally-focused magazine is okay, but nothing that jumps out as being very special. They have a web site that doesn’t work – I wouldn’t look too deeply if I were you, particularly on their Awards section. I’m not providing a link because I don’t want to tempt you.
  • Website Magazine. I’m not sure how I got on the mailing list for this one, but this free trade publication is certainly worth looking into. This is really the only print magazine I know of that focuses on the business of being a web professional with all of its broader roles.
  • Photoshop User. This is a good if you want to get better at Photoshop. Join NAPP for $99 for a year and get the magazine for free.
  • Business 2.0. This one’s from CNNMoney – I like this magazine and have subscribed for a few years. Basically tech news.
  • Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business and Inc. Similar to BusinessWeek Small Biz, these are all pretty good but I like Entrepreneur and Inc better than the other two. I like their clean layouts and these two tend to have more articles about online businesses and the digital realm than the others, at least lately.

There are a few titles that I’ll only pick up occasionally – Communication Arts‘ Design Annual is full of eye candy and worth its high price.

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