Magazines for web professionals, Part 1

So today I’m going through the ridiculously tall stack of recent magazines that I’ve read and kept because they have an interesting article or two I wanted to save.

What magazines do I read, you ask? Can some of them be useful to me too, you say?

Perhaps. Here’s what’s in my stack:

  • PC Magazine. I’ve subscribed to this off and on since I was in high school. Most of these are keepers, at least for a few months.
  • GDUSA (Graphic Design USA). This one I’ve gotten for about a year, but I’m probably not going to resubscribe. It focuses heavily on print, is overflowing with ads and always has this huge section about all the major stock photo companies – I don’t need to see that every month. Sometimes there are pretty good articles; this month’s issue had a big feature on trends in logo design. Their awards issues are worth keeping, however.
  • Practical Web Design and .net. A British import that’s packed with code examples, free software, and usually some good articles. This is a pretty good magazine but it’s very expensive, so I don’t get all the issues. And I’m not sure what’s going on with this mag right now – supposedly it was closing down in favor of sister magazine .net in January, but I’m sitting here with a March 2007 issue…
  • Dynamic Graphics. This is one of my favorites and definitely a resubscription is in order. A lot of good, practical info for both digital and print design, and not so many ads.
  • BusinessWeek Small Biz. A pretty good one for entrepreneurs, tailored to small and micro businesses.
  • Print. I won’t be renewing my subscription to this one – way too much focus on (duh) print design, and way too many ads.
  • HOW. This on the other hand is a keeper – big on creativity, great awards issues. Always a few interesting articles on things like typography…

Okay… back to sorting and I’ll finish up this article in a bit.

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