Comfy headphones for hours of use

I don’t often do product reviews but in this case one is deserved.

I started using a business number on Skype several months ago and bought a pair of headphones with a microphone. Admittedly I didn’t buy top-of-line but what I purchased was about mid-range in price and with a fair number of decent recommendations online.

I discovered that Skype can be good for gaming.

Suddenly the headphones started getting a lot more use and after a month I couldn’t stand them anymore. My ears hurt while I was wearing them and I couldn’t wait to get them off…

I bought another pair, a smaller, lighter and behind the neck style. Those lasted about two months, but again, they lacked enough adjustability to make them comfortable for long-term use.

My husband bought me a third pair for Christmas – and they are wonderful. They’re also cheap – about $20 at Best Buy.

They’re Altec Lansing AHS322’s. They are by far the most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned. Like many excellent products, when they’re doing their job you don’t even notice them. My ears never hurt. They’re extremely lightweight and very adjustable and the boom mic is just a twisty wire, easy to position.

Again, they’re cheap. They’re wired. The sound quality is IMHO very good, but not blow-your-head-off outstanding. Their literature says that these are very popular for call centers – and that implies a high degree of comfort, which by this point was my main concern.

Highly recommended if you want lightweight and decent sound quality for very little cash.

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