Reseller hosting accounts for web designers

When I started my web design business and was looking for a host, I first learned about reseller accounts. The host I’m with now has a great one, but not everyone may be familiar with what this entails…

What is a reseller hosting account? Generally, that means that you purchase web server space with a host, then you’re free to sell that space in whatever increments you choose and at the price you set. And typically you’ll have some kind of hosting control panel where you can set up hosting packages and prices and manage your hosting clients – up to the point of monitoring the bandwidth they’re using each month, and upgrading/downgrading or suspending if necessary.

For example, if I purchase a reseller account with 20 gb of space, I can sell 20 1gb accounts or 40 500 mb accounts and so on to my web design clients. I pay for the original account, but my clients all pay me for their accounts too. It definitely pays for itself very quickly, and the ability to oversee my clients’ hosting accounts all from one control panel is a big time saving benefit.

This is so much easier than just setting up a client with their own hosting account and of course keeps me in the loop when they need to upgrade and renew!


  1. My hosting reseller lets me resell their package and gives me a discount on each sale from their normal rates. I only charge a small markup over the normal rates. I can monitor the expirations and manage passwords and features. The best part is that it costs me nothing upfront.

    Nice site you have here.

  2. Thanks!

    I used to have a reseller account with another host that worked similarly to what you’re describing, where I would just markup the discounted rates a little, but they only offered a really basic hosting control panel. The hosting reseller I’m with now has a much better one.

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