Taking the A+ Exam

I know, I’m not an IT person. But ever since I rebuilt my main PC a few months ago, I’ve been thinking about taking the A+ exam – not because I plan to branch out, but because I really love working with computers in more ways than just web development, I’d like to quantify what I know, and I could, if I wanted to, expand my services if I had a certification. Maybe. Down the road.

I had a coupon from Barnes & Noble so I went there and pulled a copy of each of the A+ certification books off the shelf and sat there comparing them for an hour. I finally picked the A+ Certification All in One Exam Guide from Mike Meyers, for a few reasons.

First, it wasn’t just a study guide, it really looks and feels more like a reference book for all things IT techy.

Second, it has four tests for each real test (that’s eight total for the two required to get the cert).

Third – it has nice pictures. I do better with good visuals… of course I can always open up my machine. I really do need to get that front panel audio wiring issue resolved…

I plan to sign up for the test for about 10 weeks from now. I took the practice one and got about 58% correct without opening the book, so I think this will be enough study time…

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