Freelancing with benefits

Most of the time I don’t consider myself a freelancer; I don’t really seek out jobs with that intent; I like to build relationships with clients that last and that turn into other relationships with other businesses. I fancy that Parallax will become a small studio one day and not just a one-person entity.

But sometimes freelancing can be fun. I start my first temp position with The Creative Group, a staffing company for marketing and advertising companies, tomorrow, working for a web company in Boulder for a week. If we get along, I might have a steady 15 hours per week from them for awhile, plus I get the benefit of working with a known entity in TCG. I’m not quite sure what my duties will be or how this will go, but I’m kind of excited about being in a real design office (I’ve only done this on my own so far) and seeing how it functions.

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