Finding Old Dell Parts

We have a 2-3 year old Dell Dimension XP2400 that I’m bringing into my office to use in lieu of the laptop. It’s in good shape overall, but has a ridiculous little 30gB hard drive.

We had a spare 80gB drive in the basement so that worked out perfectly. But the mounting bracket that came with this cramped case only holds one drive, and it has a weird shape. We went scrounging in the server room at my husband’s office looking for other cages and found two, but neither remotely fit.

I did find a few online, but decided to go with the bracket kit from Issue Resolved. Even though it was a bit more expensive than the bracket alone, they were super-speedy (it got here in three days) and included every part I needed – ribbon, screws etc. I’d use them again.

Now we’re formatting the HD after some confusion about how to do this on Windows XP Pro… Seems to be proceeding normally. I can’t wait to plug in the flat panel monitor.

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