Flat panel joy!

I’ve been using my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop as my main business machine since I started my company. It’s pretty good, pretty fast, but I’m now planning to move one of my other desktops to my office and use it as my primary machine.

It’s a Dell, about 2 years old, but was purchased as a game machine so it’s still much faster than the laptop. However, it’s got an enormous old-style 19″ monitor. Huge. Looks like an old TV. I’ve been dreading carting that thing up the stairs.

So this morning I was shopping on Newegg for a certain significant other’s present and I happened on the monitor section. They had a deal on a Samsung 19″ widescreen flat panel that I agonized over – for about two minutes. I checked out reviews on a few other sites – everyone who bought basically adores it. I understand adoring a monitor. And supposedly it’s a very fast one, fine for games and movies too (though of course I don’t do any of that on a business computer)…

I bought it. It should be here in a week. This is my Christmas present to Parallax and I’m really quite excited.

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