What are ‘hobbies,’ you ask?

Those are things done for fun outside of work, strange as that concept may sound. And I might have a new one; I’m taking a silversmithing class from Fort Collins silversmith Chad Parker. Last night was the first of 5 sessions, and it was quite fun. I made two rings that don’t look terribly bad and started on a pendant for the next class. It was not difficult but the series of tasks and materials involved is sort of complex, and I like complexity.

We’ll see how the next few classes go, but at this point my level of interest is pretty high. I was surprised to find that you can solder with a <$15 canister, and the one thing that could have been a barrier to taking this up (money) maybe won't be that much of an issue. I'll keep you informed as I go along. And maybe post some pictures of my 'work' as it's completed, if it's not too funny-looking...

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