Busy busy!

I won two jobs this week – one doing maintenance and content updating for a medical office, and the other translating a new graphic layout into a functional web template for the local university. I’m really excited about the academic work – I spent a lot of time in upper-level academia and enjoy working with researchers as I have in the past on other projects. Plus, the university has a working style guide and strict ADA requirements. I always make an effort to address accessibility issues on the sites I design, but have never actually had to do it before. I think that will be a good learning experience for me.

As far as the medical office – I’d interviewed for a similar job with another medical practice a few months ago, and never heard back. They mentioned several times that they wanted to work with a designer with ‘medical office experience,’ although I’m not sure what difference that would make if I’m just updating their content.

In any event I’m happy to have the maintenance work and to get a foot in the door with the local medical industry.

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