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I finally updated my blogroll to reflect some of the newer ones I’ve discovered via Twitter. Enjoy!

Someone on one of my mailing lists posted a link to Montastic today. They offer a free website monitoring service where they’ll check up to 100 of your sites at least every 10 minutes. I signed up all of my hosting clients, so we’ll see how they do.

You can’t post on it though – it’s compiled from Twitter posts and they use Summize to pull out the relevant words.

The hand-drawn clock from Yugo Nakamura – I read an article about him last night and am looking more deeply into his web/visual work. I found it interesting that his background is in landscape design!

I found a great little script from Cloud Nine Interactive that allows you to create a true question-and-answer FAQ with real questions from visitors. Very neat, took about 15 minutes to install and configure and I’ve already got a new question posted (I just put this online this afternoon).

I received my email newsletter from Good Experience this morning and wanted to share.

Catalog Choice is, in short, a really good website experience. It has a simple design, comfortable colors and an elegance of purpose – the point of the site is to remove you from catalog mailing lists. That’s it. Sign up, find the catalogs you regular receive, and mark the ones you’d rather not see anymore.

A clear focus, an interface that doesn’t get in one’s way, and an easy to understand series of actions to get to the results. That’s a really well-designed website in my book.
I signed up, we’ll see in 8-10 weeks whether it’s working. ;)

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