…that might sound silly for a small company like mine, but yesterday I spent two hours trying to figure out why external Javascripts aren’t working in IE6 but are working fine in FF and Opera.  I even went to Barnes & Noble and bought ‘Learn Javascript in 24 Hours,’ which I think will be a smart move in any event, but I just don’t have 24 hours to read it today, oddly enough…
I get the High Rankings Advisor newsletter, and the one I received yesterday had a short article about outsourcing even the tiniest of projects.

How much is my time worth? Seeing as how I spent a total of three hours worrying at this issue, I think paying a freelance programmer $15 is a bargain.

Last night I decided to post my little project on Scriptlance. I’m not an idiot – I realize that all might not go as smoothly as I hope, but for the small amount of money involved I’m willing to give it a try. If I come across a good programmer and can develop a working relationship with them, it will save me some headaches in the future.

I’ll report back on how it all goes.

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